Sunday, April 28, 2013

And we're off! -Stephanie Reinert

Today is our last day in the United States!

This morning several small ensembles played at local church services. My clarinet quartet group played at St. Marcelline Catholic Church in Schaumberg. It was great to play music other than our concert pieces, and the congregation was excited to have us there. I enjoyed talking to some of the ladies after Mass.

Around noon we headed to the home of Jason Brescia. Jason will be a freshman at Wartburg in the fall, and he (and his family) graciously provided us with a meal at their home. We hung out at his home until supper time, when we ate pizza as a group. Thank you, Brescia family, for your hospitality! It was the perfect way to spend our Sunday! We had a great time!

Levi and Jason (our host)

Mollie, Nicole, and Alex

As I write this, we are sitting in O'Hare International Airport waiting to board our plane. Our flight leaves at 9:30 pm and lasts 14 hours, so we will arrive in Beijing, China around 11:30 pm. I am anxious about this plane ride, because 14 hours is a LONG trip! However, I am excited to step off the plane and discover the culture of China. I'm ready to share our music with the Chinese people, and I can't wait to see their reactions to Dr. Wachmann's solo piece, Black Dog. I am most looking forward to our concert on the Great Wall and our visit to Hiroshima.

We will not be able to post on the blog while we are in China, but we will be posting updates around May 7. Be sure to check in at that time to catch up on our China trip.

Stephanie Reinert


  1. I got the text from Patience when you guys got off the plane. You all are probably sleeping now that it's like 2:30 PM here. Have a great time, I mean, you guys are playing on the Great Wall of China! How crazy is that?! Go get 'em!

    God bless,

    Angela Zook

  2. Just out of curiosity, is the reason you cannot post while in China due to internet restrictions China has? At one time I learned that China has some restrictions on what websites can be used and accessed in the country. Hope you all have a wonderful time. I would like to travel to China some day... and virtually anywhere in the world I can get to. =) Safe travels!!