Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's never "Goodbye", it's always "See You Later"- Mollie Emerson

The time has finally come; we hit our last concert. 

This particular performance was jammed packed with lots of different acts. The concert hall in which we were at, Uto Shimin Kaikan Concert Hall, was beautiful. The acoustics were great and our sound excelled through the audience.
The performance started out with a brief Japanese play about growing rice and praying to the rice gods.

Following that, we witnessed an authentic taiko performance. This was fun to watch, but the taiko outfit was a little short on clothing.. But it was amazing!

After the taiko solo, we watched 6 different traditional Japanese dances by some fantastic women. It was everything that we had been researching in one performance.

Following the dances, there was a brief exchange of gifts and the city of uto gave us 5 plants to bring home. During all this, there was a set change behind the curtain. After the exchange, one of the local middle school bands played 3 songs for the audience. 

Then there was another set change. We were invited to play 3 songs with the community band! Their director conducted the first two pieces we played; Rock Version and Brass Rock: Pomp and Circumstance. Dr. Hancock conducted our last piece, it was a melody of Japanese songs and the community band director sang them while we played. 

Then there was about a 10 minute break while we set up for our final portion of the concert. By this time, we were all already hot and we knew the rest of the concert was going to be rough, but we were ready for the challenge. During the song Yagi-Bushi, all of our percussionist got to play on different taikos! It made the song sound amazing!

Peter and Jessie

During Stars and Stripes forever, Riko, a middle school student came out and directed us! It was fun and I think we made her life!! 

Brittany Manning directed Nearer My God to Thee and The Lord Bless You and tears were flowing. I will admit that I cried twice that night..

These seniors that are graduating are wonderful. They will be greatly miss and I'm glad I had them to look up to. Thank you for your leadership :) 

It is weird to be done performing now, but this group has had a fantastic year and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to tour Asia!

-Mollie Emerson

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  1. This was an AWESOME post Mollie! Way to finish the trip up! This was so well-written and awesome pictures! It's been great following along!!!

    God bless,

    Angela Zook