Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nikko- Chelsea Hill

               Waterfalls, Lakes, and.......Ducks? 
                 Nikko has a lot to offer and a couple days after our group visit to Nikko, on our free day my host family took me back to Nikko and we visited the Nikko National Park. It was probably an hour in a half drive and so many windy turns! My host dad said there were 50 turns in order to get up to the national park. My car sickness feeling subsided once we got up there and we walked over to the overseeing area of Kegon Falls. Kegon Falls was formed when the Daiya River was rerouted by lava flows. There were two different decks to look at the falls and me and my family was on the bottom one. While looking at the falls I hear a ghost like voice saying, “Chelsea……..Chelsea……” I look up to the upper deck and find Dr. Wachmann and Dr. Hancock staring down at me! That was a really fun surprise so see a familiar face on a free day. We also walked down to where the river flowed and after that we drove to Lake Chuzenji and had lunch. 

Kegon Falls: so beautiful!

I’m trying to think back and I’m pretty sure that the Kegon falls was the first waterfall I have ever seen! Like many things I’ve seen in Japan, a camera cannot capture what the eyes see and that goes for this waterfall. It was very pretty and a fun place to spend time with my host family. 

How the river flowed down, it was so cool!

I got to see cherry blossoms in bloom, very unusual this time of year! :)

Lake Chuzenji: I wish I could have got it all in one picture!

Lake Chuzenji was gorgeous and it was really fun to walk along the water with my family. There were people on boats, men fishing, it felt pretty normal. 

Something random I got to do during that day was stop in the hot springs and wash my feet. It's quite amazing what hot spring water can do to your feet! :)

At the end of the day, we went to the harbor on Lake Chuzenji and saw these kind of boats..... I want one!

Overall, it was a super fun day with my host family. Nikko is beautiful and was a great stop on our trip. :)

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